Adorable Boxer Pup Takes Matters Into His Own Paws When Annoyed by a Phone

Have you ever sat in an office, bus, or waiting room next to someone with horrible phone etiquette? After several minutes, the sound of a game on a phone can become grating and downright irritating.

Olaff, the puppy, is at first perplexed at the strange sounds coming out of the object held by a young boy. He tilts his head as if trying to understand both the source and purpose of the sounds. The sounds are similar to deep breathing and then a man yelling. Whether a game, notification alert, or ring tone, the puppy is not too thrilled. I mean how long is he expected to listen to this?


The phone, held by the boy, continues to emit sounds that the puppy is not keen on. He tilts his head from one side to the other before having had enough of the strange sounds. Olaf leans over the phone to see what the hype is about and quickly swings his head up to playfully head butts his owner out of the way.

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