Cat Has More Fun In The Baby Swing Than The Baby!

Most cats play with the toys that we buy them. They do, however, turn almost everything else into a toy; string, boxes, shoes, even that cord that makes the blinds go up and down.

Cats really don’t need an expensive toy to have fun. But not needing one, and not liking one are two different things.┬áThis cat may have developed a taste for the truly high-end toys of the cat world: baby toys. Yes, this is beyond your average scratch post, this cat likes the full body stimulation of a baby swing, complete with mobiles and music– and a loving mom and dad.

Once you see the video, you’ll understand why the humans think this cat is a sweet bundle of joy. The cat behaves just like a little baby might in that swing. He likes to rock it gently back and forth, and to make the bright plastic toys swing all about, and enjoy mom and dad telling him how cute he is. It really is like a little four-legged baby.

Take A Look At This Hilarious Video Here!

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