Dog Attempts Cartwheel to Amuse Children!

The happiest families play together and love on each other. When children are taught to treat their pets with respect, kindness, and love amazing things are bound to happen, just check out this delightful duo.

Kailyn is four years old and loves her dog with all her heart. She also loves cartwheels. As she executes a cartwheel perfectly, her dog, Oakland, tries to mimic her graceful moves. Oakland is a one year old rescued pit bull who has flourished under the loving care of his new family. While Kailyn was perfecting her skills and showing off her cartwheels in the living room, Oakland was a careful observer.


The moment Kailyn starts her running jump, Oakland takes off as well to attempt his own version of the cartwheel. Laugher erupts as Oakland executes his cartwheel. Lacking the flexibility and grace of the four year old Kailyn, the active pit bull ends up with a running start roll. Though failing epically, he puts in perfect effort and passion into his charming attempts!

Take A Look At This Adorable Video Here!

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