Goats That Sound Like Humans?? You Won’t Believe Your Ears!!

You will laugh your socks off when you hear these goats. You will swear they sound like humans or that the audio was dubbed in but I promise you… this is the real deal and really funny. I cannot believe these goats – they are simply AWESOME!

These goats are pretty hilarious and they actually make sounds that sound like humans. They make grunts and screams and some really weird sounds and you would swear that they were actual people making these sounds. Try closing your eyes and listening to the video – you will be convinced that they are humans making these sounds – but they are not.

I have been to zoos before and I have heard goats making funny sounds but NEVER anything like this. I am not sure what I would do if I heard goats like this in a zoo. I’d probably laugh my socks off… or probably take out my phone and start videotaping LOL

OMG – wait until you hear these crazy goats…

(source: YouTube)

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