Grandma Was In The Hospital, But Who She Requested To See…I’m In Tears…

According to her grandson, this woman knew she was soon to pass, and wanted to say goodbye to her entire family, even her pet cat.

In order for that to happen, the family had to gather, and they had to talk to people in the hospital about bringing in one very special member of the family, her cat, Oliver. Normally, cats and other pets are not a common thing in a hospital. The need for a sterile environment and quiet could sometimes be at risk, so it makes sense.

But, our pets are parts of our families, and sometimes saying goodbye is hard for everyone. There had to be a way for the elderly woman to see her best friend, Oliver, one last time. So the family went to the hospital board. The directors heard them out, and after some deliberation, came up with a way they thought it would be ok for Oliver to come and visit his best friend, protector, and mom.

He had to travel in a plastic travel kennel, they had a private room, and he couldn’t go wandering around, but that last part was no worry. It was as if he knew this was the last time he might see her, and he wouldn’t leave her side. There were tears all around, as everyone in the family tried to say goodbye as best they could.

There are no proper words to express our grief at the passing of our loved ones, so maybe it is best to show them in their last days how much they will be missed. Share away, people.

Feature Image Source: Imgur

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