Have You Ever Seen A Laughing Owl? Today is the Day That You Can Say You Have

This video is going to give Disney a run for its money for this years cutest animal with a human voice over.

Owls are known as wise, intelligent animals, symbols of sage knowledge and learning. But this video is bound to change your views on them a little bit, as you can now see the comedic, laid back side of owls. To put some context to the video, these owls are not pets.

They were rescued, and are in the home of a person trained to handle rescue owls. The job is important. With owl species facing the threat of diminishing territory and increasing contact with humans, owls are more and more needing a little assistance from us humans to make up for some of the impact we are having on them.

If you see an owl in the wild, experts say calling a wildlife agency is the best way to find out what you might be able to do to help it, if it needs it. Back to the video, in this house, two gorgeous owls resting on their perches.

Instead of hiding from the camera, as owls naturally might, he stares right in to the camera and starts making faces at it.

Watch This Hilarious Laughing Owl Right Here,
Your Life Will Never Be The Same After
Watching This Video!

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