He Made the Judges Cry – Find Out Why…

This 14 year old kid made the judges cry. If you have never seen this video – you should watch it now… You will be blown away. Nobody expected to hear what they did – but wow… his life will surely never be the same.

I have seen lots of auditions – yes, I am an American Idol and America’s Got Talent junkie. I love those shows. But, I have never seen such an amazing audition and such a humble kid. He definitely has some amazing talent, which is really cool – I just hope his career actually goes somewhere because he has the voice of an angel – such a sweet voice!

This young kid sings like he has been in the business forever. He says he taught himself how to play the guitar by watching YouTube videos – pretty cool huh? He sings like a seasoned pro and is sure to be the next super star! I know I would buy his album… he has an incredible voice. His name is Jai Waetford and he is amazing!!

(source: YouTube)

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