Heinz Ketchup’s Game Day 2016 Hot Dog Commercial Is Just Too Oh La La!

Heinz is capitalizing on cute animals this year in a brilliant campaign ad that is putting the internet into a fit a cuteness.

Their new campaign ad features the relationship between wieners and ketchup in a whole new way that has left many people laughing, and others making cute baby noises at the screen. Just take a look and you’ll see why this may be the cutest commercial of 2016 (so far). The new “wiener stampede” commercial features a bunch of Dachshunds stampeding their way over a hill toward their humans. There are old Dachshunds and young Dachshunds, tall and short, and all of the dogs are dressed as hot dogs.

A virtual wave of hot dog shaped dogs, rolling over this grassy hill, bouncing so that at times the are stretched out, all four legs in the air. The puppies in their little miniature hot dog costumes are by far the cutest. And their humans? They are all dressed as Heinz products of course!

Take A Look At This Awesomeness Here!

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