Hilarious Dog Gets Confused By Her Own, Deadly Silent Farts!

We’ve all heard of blaming it on the dog, but we’ve never quite heard of a dog blaming himself.

This dog has had some tummy problems, and so his momma had decided to do the only reasonable thing and film him for the internet. His gaseous tendencies were of the “silent but deadly” type, which must be even more shocking for a dog, with their amazing sense of smell there to amplify that startling scent.

Dogs, in general, don’t seem to be aware of their bodily functions very often. Sometimes the sound of a toot can scare a dog, or they seem surprised at their own sneeze. And their reactions can vary from somewhat amusing to downright hilarity, but this dog really takes the cake.

The dog is relaxing on the couch with her family. Everything seems normal, until the dog feels a disturbance in the doggy-force. LOL

Take A Look At This Hilarious Video Here!

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