If You Watched “Saved by the Bell” – You are Going to Love This!

If you are like me – you remember watching “Saved by the Bell” with Zack, Kelly, Slater and Jessie and oh yeah Screech. Jimmy Fallon brought the cast back and even Mr. Belding makes an appearance… but no Screech (oh well!) I loved this show and grew up watching it and this video made my day!

Do you remember good ol’ Bayside? Who was your favorite cast member? I remember “The Max”, Lisa Turtle and probably every single episode like it was just yesterday. I am a Saved by the Bell geek – I know 🙂

This has got to be my favorite video so far this year. It made me smile because I grew up watching “Saved by the Bell” and I loved seeing them get together to make this video with Jimmy Fallon. This is definitely a video you will want to share with your friends that remember this show too! So don’t forget to share this video with your friends so they can remember their childhood too 🙂

(source: YouTube)

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