In The Next 30 Seconds, Your Heart Will Explode With Cuteness! Trust Me!

Cute little puppies are the best part of the day, so we need to thank whoever put this video out of the web. This little puppy loves to help his dad on his laptop and check out YouTube videos.

But when his dad has a brilliant idea and starts to put some videos of dogs howling, it freaks the poor little guy out. The sounds of dogs howling can be a sign of distress, of communication, but to this puppy it sounds like something from another world. The little fur-ball takes off trying to hide from the weird sounds.

Just keep watching though, because around 30 seconds later, something truly magical happens.¬†Dogs and wolves both howl naturally and it’s something that helps them to be the pack animals that they are. Dogs will often try to join in when they hear another dog howl.

Take A Look At This Adorable Moment Here!

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