Mom Goes Out For A Walk, But See Who Joins Her! OMG!

One of the benefits of living in the country is that you can have some eccentric neighbors that make for some great stories. That was how this woman was first discovered by the internet.

She has a beautiful Friesian Stallion friend named Apollo, and the two of them really enjoy going on an afternoon walk. Yes, just like some people walk their dog, this pair hits the streets and cruises around the neighborhood on foot. The woman, Carol, doesn’t mind the attention, and Apollo seems to down right like it, so the internet had to find out a little more.

The pair are lucky enough to live out in a mountain community that allows horses on the roads, and the neighbors all think that its cute, and that Apollo is gorgeous, and there has not been any problems so far. Apparently they do this very often, and Apollo especially loves the looks and attention they get from the neighbors!

With the classic Friesian good looks and gorgeous curly hair, Apollo has the look of a horse that knows how good he looks.

Take A Look At This Majestic Horse Here!

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