Mom Saw A Deer On The Other Side Of The Fence, What Happened Seconds Later Dropped My Jaw

There are some joys that city dwellers just will never know. Seeing a wild animal is a thrilling experience, but when you live in the country, sometimes you’re lucky enough to not only see wild animals, but get to build a real relationship with them.

This family started seeing a mother deer, called a doe, and her fawns out around their house every day. After a while, not only could they identify the momma and kids on sight, but the mother began to come closer and closer to the house.

The family realized that she was after the apples, and with enough patience the mother finally approached them and entered the yard. That was weeks ago, and things have only gotten better. Now, the mother and her fawns visit the house every day.


The doe benefits greatly from the extra energy that the apples give her, and the safe area to raise her young over the winter.

Take A Look At This Incredible Footage Here!

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