Oh The Things People Do To Their Pets!

Humans love to pamper their pets and ensure they are perfectly groomed so that they look their best. When it comes to a beauty contest with this contestant, it is clear her eyebrows need some tweezing!

Eyebrows are quite expressive and help animate our facial features and expressions. Animals naturally lack eyebrows for if you think about it, their entire face is already covered with fur. One owner, curious to see how her dog would look with eyebrows took matters into her own hands by lightly taping fake eyebrows on her pet.

The result goes to show that beauty treatments don’t always go as planned. The pup was aged beyond her years and the unfortunate angle of the sticky eyebrows created the illusion of constant worry and hesitation. The little dog then showed off her spinning trick with the same dazed and anxious expression on her face!

Take A Look At This Hilarious Video Here!

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