OMG – Tiny Chihuahua Gets Eaten by Bigger Dog

Jimmy Kimmel introduces this video saying that it was “cute”. I don’t think the idea of a tiny little Chihuahua getting eaten by a bigger dog is funny at all.

The little Chihuahua is playing with the bigger dog and running around being adorable – when all of the sudden, the bigger dog gobbles him up. I know, I know – it sounds horrible but then I read the comments on YouTube and found out the video was fake. I still don’t think a little dog getting eaten by a bigger dog to be very funny – but the way they made the video is kind of funny 🙂

You’ll see what I mean when you watch the video, because the tiny dog just wants to play with the big Mastiff named Maggie and the big dog actually seems like he is having a blast playing with the tiny little Chihuahua. Watch and see what I mean…

Watch the Tiny Dog Get Gobbled Up

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