Once a Baby Always a Baby…No Matter What The Size!

Babies grow into adults but one thing always remains the same, to their mother’s they will always be their baby. The same thing goes for this oversized dog!

Rocko was just a tiny puppy when he was adopted by a couple in Nevada. A Great Dane puppy. In two years, the puppy doubled in size, tripled, and now weighs over 160 pounds and towers over 7 feet tall when he stands up on his hind feet. And he’s not done growing yet. Watch out, you’ve got a Guinness Book of World Records candidate on your hands!

Great Danes are notorious for their size and height. They are actually quite similar to mastiffs and were breed in Germany, not Denmark. The last Great Dane to hold the title as the world’s tallest dog was Zeus, who was 44 inches tall from paw to shoulder. Powerful and athletic their makeup is in contrast with their calm disposition.

When the breed was first created they where used as intimidating guard dogs and many believed they had mystical powers to ward off evil spirits. Powerful hunting dogs and regal in appearance one can see why they were popular with the nobles.

Watch Him In Action Here!

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