Pig Chose Pit Bull as Best Friend – Watch What Happened Next

The video you are about to watch features a pit bull and a little piggy and they are so cute together.

I don’t know which is cuter – the Piggy or the Pit Bull? I have to go with the Pit Bull. But, I love watching the little piggy trying to check out the adorable Pit Bull. Can it be true love? They are definitely going to be best friends!

OMG – I love this little piggy. I kinda want one 🙂 Watch this little guy inspect this dog by sniffing him everywhere and this sweetie isn’t phased by any of it. I love pit bulls and it stinks that they get such a bad rap in the media. Watch the video on the next page and you can see what a sweetie this pit bull is and most of them are like this.

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