Playful Husky versus Chilling Husky…Who Will Win?

Two husky siblings named Mishka and Laika live under one roof and just like human siblings, they tend to have some skirmishes. As is often the case, one sibling wants to play while the other just wants to chill and relax.

Mishka is resting comfortably and wants nothing more than to rest and relax without the interference of his sibling Laika. Laika, on the other hand wants Mishka to share her toy and play actively with her. He’s bored and wants someone to play with.

This results what many of us would call a ‘creative discussion’. One sibling is begging and pleading, and even demanding that the other gets up and plays, while the other digs in his heels and refuses with unwavering howls of Noooooo.

Listening closely you will realize that the subtitles provided by the owner actually sound like the conversation the dogs are having. It is almost as if the two are attempting to speak to each other in English!

Take A Look At This Adorable Video Here!

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