Pushy Driver Learns Never Ever To Honk At A Granny!

The phrase “instant Karma” has been created to describes a situation in which an offending party has something so perfectly fitting happen to them that it seems like the universe is punishing them for their misdeeds.

In fact, no other phrase so well describes this video. If this doesn’t help to remind you to be a nicer person, then nothing will. The video starts with a skateboarder doing some tricks on a side walk, but quickly the real story begins. While relaxing in the park with his friends, the camera man hears the screech of car breaks as a expensive looking convertible slams to a stop at an intersection.

In the intersection, a little old lady is slowly making her way across the road. The man in the car impatiently starts honking his horn at the woman a foot from his bumper. Again and again he honks his horn, blasting her with the sound until she has had enough and does the only thing she can; she swings her purse at his bumper.

Now Take A Look At What Happened To The Driver!

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