Seriously, How Did You Manage to Transform into a Turtle?

Pets are known for their ability to get into tight spaces and mischievous activities. It seems that moment you look away pets love to cause mischief and destruction.

This Jack Russell was no exception. While his mom wasn’t looking at him he decided to make some alterations to his bed. It seemed like a great idea at the time. Pulling out the stuffing was fun and entertaining. And then, as he was chewing a hole through his bedding he came up with a brilliant idea.

He decided that it would be fun to use it as a sleeping bag. At this point he ran into some complications. One has to ask just how did he manage to do this. What he hadn’t anticipated was that he would get stuck inside with his head poking out.

There is no way out of the situation. He is firmly cocooned and while he can walk about he can’t get himself unstuck. With no way out he only has one option and that is to go to his owner for help.  Wandering through the house to find his owner, the dog clearly regret’s his actions!

Take A Look At This Entire Video Here!

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