She Set Up A Hidden Camera To See What Her Dogs Do When She Leaves. 10 Seconds Later…

Many of us have heard of separation anxiety in dogs, but because it happens while we are gone, most of us don’t really know what it looks like.

So that is why someone decided to set up a camera to film her two loving dogs after she leaves the house, so she, and we, could see what they really do when she leaves. Now, these dogs, like most dogs, know when their human is about to leave and start acting appropriately sad. Many of us know the sad, pleading face that begs us not to go to work each morning.

We may even hear them bark at us on our way to the car, or watch us from the front window as we bac out of the driveway. But what do they do after that? Well, the answer is a little sad. At least for these two dogs, they spend minutes howling in despair that their human has left.

Their howls are truly haunting, and the sadness and anxiety is clearly evident in their moans. It is so heartbreaking that the video has to jump forward a few minutes, to when the dogs have slightly calmed down.

Take A Look At This Eye Opening Video Here

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