Single Parent Royally Freaks Out When She Sees Her Babies Wrestling!

Kids love to play, and sometimes it can turn into a wrestling match out of no where. It can be hard to know what to do when the kids start jumping on each other, so when this mamma cat finds her two kids in a wrestling match, her reaction is priceless.

This video is so well filmed it’s hard to believe these aren’t actors. The kittens are just being cute, meowing a bit, when one of them decides he has to climb over top of his brother, stepping on his head in the process. In walks mamma cat, and her eyes go huge when she sees what the kitten is doing.

She leaps on to the table, looking as if she’s going to swat at the kitten. She pulls back though, merely tapping him, and rears back on both legs. Then, she really expresses her frustration in the funniest way possible.┬áIt’s as if she can’t decide whether to swat the kitten angrily, or to relax because the kitten couldn’t possibly know any better, or be angry at her self for leaving the two kittens alone. This is one upset cat.

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