This Baby Duckling Was Stuck In The Pond, Then The Hippos Do THIS!

Hippopotamuses are renown for their danger. They have giant teeth, and in their river homes, nothing is as big and as fast.

Their giant teeth, combined with large weight and girth, make them able to toss us around if they so choose. Add to that a fiercely territorial instinct, and it can be easy to see how in some places this animal has gotten a reputation as a violent killer. But there are always videos like this that can help prove it wrong.

Children were the first to notice in this zoo that a small duckling had fallen in to the hippo’s water tank. The children were worried, and soon everyone had gathered hoping to see a happy ending to what looked like a possible tragedy. The mother duck, also in the pen, waddled about frantically as she worried about her duckling that couldn’t seem to make it over the cement coping around the hippo’s water hole.

The crowd got even more worried when the hippo decided to go investigate the struggling little duckling. The giant mammal approached the duckling slowly, and followed it around the pen when the duckling panicked and hopped around the pen.

See The Miracle That Happened Right Here!

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