This Chihuahua is Determined… But Watch What Happens Next

This does not end up being the easiest escape attempt – that’s for sure. This little Chihuahua is definitely determined to try and see if he can escape through the tiny little opening in the gate but what happens next is hilarious! The second dog you see in the background is the one with the brains 🙂

Poor little thing could have hurt itself but some dope decided to videotape it instead of helping the dog. It made it’s way to Americas Funniest Video so i thought I would share it here too.

The Chihuahua is determined but the second dog is definitely the brains of the operation. This turns out to be an adorable little escape even if it does have a little unfortunate tragedy for the little cutie… but like all determined little dogs, they take their bumps and keep on going…

Watch the video below to see how this Chihuahua plans his BIG ESCAPE. They should have put down the camera and helped the little cutie before he got stuck. Watch below and you’ll see what I am talking about.

Watch the Chihuahua Attempt His Escape Here

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