This Chihuahua is Determined… But Watch What Happens Next

This little Chihuahua is definitely determined. It kind of makes you wonder how they caught the little dog on video making his great escape. Think maybe he has done this before?

I am just glad the little dog didn’t get hurt. Hate to see him get caught up like he did, but it is amusing to see how he got himself in this predicament. The little dog in the back just laid there watching the Chihuahua do his thing and waited til the very end to … well – you’ll see what I mean in the video.

This is one of the videos that was featured on Americas Funniest videos back in the 80’s or 90’s or something and so I guess it was funny enough to make it onto the show and get featured as one of their funniest videos. I’ll let you be the judge… watch the video below.

(source: YouTube)

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