This Dog Changes a Boy with Autism By Doing Something Amazing

This is a wonderful story about a boy with Autism and his wonderful dog, Chester. In the video you will learn a little bit about dogs as service animals but more importantly, how the true love between a boy and his dog creates major changes in this young boy’s life.

Chester might is definitely a dog but he is also an angel. The Mom talks about how their life has been different since Chester has been in their lives. Her son, Max stopped striking her, no more outbursts in the middle of the night and he has a lot less anxiety. The mom has seen so many positive changes – to hear her talk about it brings a tear to your eye 🙂

She tells a story about doing something as simple as taking her son for a walk and how he would spontaneously bolt from her and thought it was a game for Mom to have to chase him… but Chester changed that too. (You’ll see how on the video)

Watch How Chester Changed This little Boy’s Life

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