This Guy Turned a Soda Bottle into a Rocket with One Simple Trick

I have heard about what happens when you add mentos candy to a bottle of soda but, I did not know how dangerous it can be when you add Mentos and then close the bottle and throw it on the ground. This camera man surely found out because he got the brunt of it all when this soda bottle became a rocket.

He probably should have been prepared for something like this happening but as you will see – he did not do anything to prevent this… and sorry to say it but I am glad he didn’t – it made for a funny video 🙂

The camera man got slammed by this flying soda bottle. Who knew this plastic 2 liter bottle would become a rocket ship just by adding some Mentos candy to the bottle. Watch this bottle start flying once the pressure builds up. This is pretty crazy and I had no idea that enough pressure could build up to create so much power in a soda bottle.

I know what you are thinking… you might go to the store and get some mentos and diet coke and try this for yourself. Umm … maybe you should eat the mints and drink the diet coke and save a life LOL.

(source: YouTube)

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