Traffic Cop Stops All Traffic To Rescue A Poor Terrified Kitten!

Police sometimes get flak for corruption and misuse of power among some of it’s officers, but there are so many stories that show how kind-hearted and warm they can be too.

A few bad apples certainly shouldn’t spoil this bunch, especially when the good ones go and do things like this. Some people wouldn’t even stop their car to help an animal, but this police officer in Peru goes one step further.¬†Cruising in his normal patrol, he spotted a little huddled mass in the road. Pulling off to the side of the road, he could visually confirm his suspicions that a lone kitten lay in the middle of the road.

He then proceeded to do the most noble thing you might see all day. He risks his own safety and decides to stop traffic so he can go and rescue the cat. With his whistle, he tries to cross busy traffic as quickly as possible, and even has to stop the public bus in the middle of its route in order to make it to the kitten.

Take A Look At This Incredible Rescue Here!

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