Two Adorable Huskies Having A Conversation…Through The Cat Door!

While curiosity may or may not kill the cat- it will get a husky stuck! Two huskies were curious how their family cat was able to get in and out of the house through the contraption on the door.

Know, when it comes to exploring, there are two types of individuals. Those who carefully weigh the pros and cons of the situation before proceeding and those who just jump in right away. Of the two huskies, one seems to be the calculating while the other spontaneous. Deciding to try out the door, the spontaneous husky on the outside decides to stick his head in through the cat door.

giphy (3)

The dog inside starts talking to him and it almost seems as though he is laughing and telling the dog outside, “ I told you so” when his brother couldn’t get his head through the door.  The husky stuck in the cat door gets irritated at his sibling’s I told you so attitude and remarks and jerks his head to the side giving the other dog quite a scare and promoting a laugh from the owner.

Take A Look At Their Hilarious Conversation Here!

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