Watch How This Dog Earns His Well Deserved Treats! Incredible!

Spy training can cover many forms, but for spy dogs, it starts with learning how to speak like the enemy: cats. OK, so maybe there are no spy dogs, but if there were, this dog would be all set up to be the premier secret agent in the battle against the cats.

This cat has learned how to bark. Wait, dog. Not just bark. This dog can meow so well that you won’t believe it until you see it, and even then you’ll have questions. We’re not sure how you would even start to train your four-legged friend to do this, or how long it would take, but we know for sure from the video that treats will help.

If you’re trying to recreate this trick at home, you’re on your own from there. The only thing we know is that this dog can on command do a meow that would do any impressionist proud. The dog’s big ears may help him to really nail those details, but how he figured out that he could do this to begin with is a mystery still.

Maybe he had a lot of cat friends, or maybe he learned it on TV, but he’s definitely been practicing this for a while. The only question that remains is what his ultimate goal could be.

Take A Look At This Dog Meowing For Treats Here!

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