Watch What This Baby Does to These Ladies – Shocking!

These ladies stopped to look at a cute baby. Wait until you see what they saw… it is shocking!! Imagine you are just walking down the street with your girlfriends and stop to look at a baby and see THIS – OMG!!!

It scared the crap out of these ladies and it would probably make me jump back in fear too. I mean, they incorporated this stunt into an everyday situation that was sure to get passersby to stop just to see what was going on. I mean come on – they walk past a baby carriage all by itself, no parents in sight – and they hear a baby cry… what would you do?

This such an evil little prank, but super clever and got people to stop to take a look. This has got to be the scariest baby you will ever see… LOL.

What would you do if you heard a little baby crying and looked inside the carriage and found this baby?

(source: YouTube)

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