When You See This Dog’s Nightly Routine, You’ll Be Stunned!

It’s very important to teach our family good habits in life, like drinking lots of water, exercising daily, and getting plenty of sleep.

So, you may have seen dogs that have learned to sit or to shake, but have you seen one that knows how to say it’s prayers before tucking himself in to bed? Well, prepare yourself for the best trained dog, setting example for children and dogs alike.

So, after eating a good dinner and spending some time with the family, this dog gets ready for bed in the cutest ways possible. While most dogs have beds on the floor, this lucky pooch has a full on cot in the living room. Stopping at the foot of his bed, he bows his head to give a quick prayer of thanks for all that he was blessed with, then heads for bed.

After finding a comfortable spot with his head on the pillow, he remembers the most important part and gets his big plaid blanket to stay nice and warm, then tucks himself in.

Take A Look At This Incredible Video Here!

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