You Won’t Believe This Guy’s Reaction to “BABY”

You will not believe this guys reaction when she tells him that she is pregnant. It all takes place in a simple photo booth. The kind you might find at a boardwalk or amusement park. She holds something up – He doesn’t see it coming at all and then… BAM!

I think this is such a special video and one that this couple can look back at and share with their child when he/she grows up. It is such a wonderful moment and the expression on the guy’s face is priceless. Wait until you see how long it takes him to catch on to what she is doing. He thinks they are just taking some fun photos in the photo booth and has no idea that his life was about to change big time!

How did you tell the man in your life that you were pregnant? Was it a private moment? Did you tell him in front of the whole family? Did you tell your him that you were pregnant in a special way? If you did, share it in the comments section. I would love to read your story.

(source: YouTube)

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