You Won’t Believe What Happens to These Brides on Their Wedding Day

What would you do if someone came into your wedding reception and set up a huge curtain right in front of all your guests. Would you wanna know what the heck was going on? Would you be thinking “Oh my gosh – you are going to ruin my wedding”… I know I would be like PLEASE EXPLAIN!!

But someone quickly went over to the Bride and Groom and their family and put them at ease and asked them to approach the curtain. Then the curtain drops – and BOOM! It’s Adam Levine and Maroon 5 there at their wedding performing live.

The reactions are priceless. What an amazing gift to these couples… who by the way are freaking out when they see that Marron5 is performing at their wedding. Watch the video and see the look on their faces when the curtain drops. So cool…

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