A Marine Begged To Adopt Fellow Soldier. When They Were Reunited, Everyone Cried

For the people who work beside service dogs in the armed forces, the dogs are not just pets, but actual soldiers.

These animals are at risk of losing their lives every time they go out, and many members of the armed services would not be alive today if not for the heroic efforts of the K9 units. So, after returning from a tour of duty to a war zone together, Sergeant Ross promised the dog that he credits with saving his life that he would do whatever it takes to make sure that the dog would live out his life in peace and safety.

The problem is that Casey, the service dog, was not Sergeant Ross’ dog, and he needed to apply after he got home to try and adopt Casey. Well, upon returning to the States, he found out that Casey had already been deployed to the Iowa police, and that the military no longer had the authority to grant him those rights.┬áThe soldier was heart-broken, and set about finding Casey. The bond that he had formed with the dog, combined with the soldier’s mentality of never leaving a comrade behind, pushed him to keep searching.

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