A Tiny Fluffy Yorkie Sees A Ball, But When It Squeaks? OMG!

Have you ever had a toy for a while, something maybe that you had even gotten tired of using, and then a friend shows you something you never knew about it?

It can be amazing to have new life brought in to an old toy. The old plastic soccer ball had stopped being a favorite toy for this tiny little pup. Little did he know that his little jaws just weren’t big enough to activate the most amusing part of this toy.

Kicking the ball around on the floor was fun, but now that he knows the toy comes complete with sound effects, it just got even cooler.┬áSeriously though, this pup seems so surprised at the sounds that this ball makes. It simple squeak is similar to the dog’s own yip, and it may be that the dog itself thinks this toy is trying to talk to him.

Or, maybe he’s just confused by the new sounds his old toy had learned how to do!

Take A Look At This Adorable Clip Here!

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