Blue Cup, Blue Cup… BLUE CUP! (see what I mean at 1 minute 22 seconds in… HILARIOUS)

If you are a Mom too, you will totally relate to this funny video. What if adults did the things children do?? Watch this funny video and find out… then you will totally understand what I mean by “BLUE CUP! – BLUE CUP!”

Spitting out food, climbing on the table, wiping their nose and more … imagine if adults acted like this. Most moms joke around saying that their husband acts like a child too – but this definitely takes that idea to a whole new level.

Okay, it’s totally stupid but it will definitely give you a chuckle. I burst out laughing when the guy yelled, “I’m done!”. I bet you will will too. This an extremely funny parody and so cleverly done. Even the outtake at the end made me laugh out loud.

Watch the video now and then share it with your friends that are Parents and give them a smile too!

(source: YouTube)

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