Brave Diver Spots A Massive Shark, When He Gets Closer? OMG

The Smithsonian does more than just run some of the premier museums in the world.

As collectors, curators, and guardians of our history, they also have an obvious concern with the science of today and how it can help us to understand our world and our past. As part of a Smithsonian expedition, this dive team ran into one of the largest animals in the ocean, or anywhere on Earth.

Seeing a 40 foot long whale shark in the wild is a rare enough experience, but running in to one who needs help just when you are prepared to offer help is a once in a lifetime event. This giant of the seas had become entangled in a huge piece of rope from a commercial fishing ship. The rope had wrapped around the neck of the whale and was slowly cutting into the fins of the shark, causing in great harm.

Besides the pain and risk of infection, a damaged fin could affect the animal’s ability to swim and feed for itself.┬áThe most amazing part of this video is that the whale shark plays along.

Take A Look At This Incredible Footage Here!

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