Dogs Eating With a Knife and Fork?

This video has been watched almost 27 million times… WOW! It is easy to find out why when you watch the video. 2 people becoming the hands for these adorable dogs and it is so funny to see what happens next…

Some people come up with the most creative ideas… like this video where they supply the hands and make these 2 adorable dogs become almost human. They created this everyday situation at a kitchen table and their movements are so casual. They are just sitting at the table eating, using their utensils and even wiping their mouth with their napkins.

LOL – It is so clever and wait until you see how captivating this video is – it’s difficult to stop watching because of the mannerisms and reactions of the dogs. This is quite Funny!! Don’t forget to share it with your fellow dog lovers 🙂

(source: YouTube)

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