Golden Eagle Swoops Down – You Won’t Believe What Happens Next!

This video literally made my jaw drop. The fact that they actually caught this incident on video is absolutely amazing! Can you imagine… you are spending the day at the park with your children and out of nowhere – a huge golden eagle comes swooping down and tries to snatch your baby??!!

What the hell?? I would be shocked. I am already shocked by just watching this video. This seems like a one in a million chance of something like this ever happening. Can you imagine what the family felt like while they watched this gigantic eagle come flying down and then realized the bird had their baby in it’s claws.

When you watch the video – towards the end – they show a slow motion replay of the eagle grabbing the baby. Watch closely, because you can actually see that the eagle had the baby in it’s claws and the baby was actually in the air. Only at the last minute did the eagle let go and the baby fell to the earth.

Watch the Eagle Grab the Baby Right Here

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