Golden Eagle Swoops Down – You Won’t Believe What Happens Next!

The video below captures the entire incident and even shows a slow motion replay of the eagle right as it grabs the baby. This is really scary. It is quite shocking to watch and I am sure it was much worse to witness it in person.

I wouldn’t even think that an eagle would see a baby like this as a potential meal. I wonder why the eagle decided to grab the baby… the only thing that makes sense is that it thought it was food. Pretty crazy – can you imagine of they had a small dog with them? The eagle probably would have snatched it up too.

You seriously will not believe what you are watching. I watched this video a dozen times and i am still amazed when I watched as the eagle swooped in and grabbed the baby. Watch the video and I bet you won’t believe what you see happening. If you think this video is pretty unbelievable, please share it with your friends on facebook.

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