He Puts A Heating Pad In The Garage, But In The Morning, THIS Happens!

You probably already know that birds get to do what many of us dream about, and fly south every winter.

Birds avoid the snow because the can’t retain their body heat in cold temperatures very well, it’s harder to find food, and snow and ice and ruin their feathers or make it impossible to fly. So, especially small birds need to fly south every fall to avoid these harsh months.

Unfortunately, some weird weather in recent years has caused some birds problems when areas that had been good to winter in for generations, suffered sub-zero temperatures that put all their lives in danger. Rocky and Adrian, two hummingbirds that had settled in Arizona for the winter, were two such birds facing hypothermia when the usually warm desert climate experienced a sudden chilly change.

The temperatures that year were enough to freeze the food left out by the home owners right in the feeder. The resourceful man went digging through his  camping gear and found a heating blanket.

Setting a feeder atop the pad, he headed for bed hoping it would be enough to keep the food thawed so the birds could at least eat.

Take A Look At This Amazing Video Here!

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