He Thought This Cat Was Dead, But When He Went Closer… LOL

Finding a dead cat would be enough to ruing anyone’s morning. But this is hilarious. LOL

Sometimes cats fall victim to careless drivers, accidents, or predators in our own neighborhoods, and finding the results can be a heartbreaking experience. Perhaps the most traumatic is finding them where we do not expect; in our yards, or on our way to work, or somewhere we go very often.

It can make us second guess those places. So, when this man was on his way to work and saw what he thought to be a dead cat on the hod of a car, he had to know just a bit more. Had the cat chosen there to die, or fallen on the car from above, or had he been struck by the car and the driver had not even noticed the dead kitty on his car?

These are the types of questions that were going through his mind as he approached this cat, who was stretched out on his back on the hood of this car.

Now Take A Look At What The Cat was Really Doing LOL!

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