I Can’t Believe What They Made This Little Girl Do – I am Still in Shock!

OMG – This is would be so scary! I know it is funny to watch but how would you react if this actually happened to you in an elevator? I would be so freaked out. This is such a clever prank but, I don’t know what I would do if this happened to me. I’d probably pee my pants… LOL

The whole prank is based around what would happen when people are put into a confined space (in this instance, it’s an elevator) and something spooky happens to them. They cannot exactly just leave the room… they are in an elevator and have to wait for the doors to open.

This little girl in the video would scare the hell out of me. She actually looks like a ghost. She appears out of nowhere – kinda 🙂 and scares the heck out of these unsuspecting people in an elevator. Their reactions are hilarious. They are just taking an every day elevator ride (or so they think) when all of the sudden…

Watch the video on the next page and wait until you see the reactions when the little ghost girl appears LOL

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