Man Picks Up A Wrong Beer, Then A Horse Shows Up And Does THIS!

With Super Bowl time almost here, the best commercials of the year are all making their way to TV! And this is hilarious!

The folks at Budweiser have consistently put out great quality commercials that have really set the bar some years, as far as Super Bowl commercials go. This year, their classic Clydesdale horse spokesman is back and helping people in the supermarket. They can’t help but make the right choices when there is such a watchful presence in the store.

It could be his huge size, or it could be the lack of communication, but this bumbling man can’t help but get the message about what he should be doing instead of buying the flower print beer that he first picked up. The giant horse is so emblematic of Budweiser, and the red box, that he even feels bad about having thought of another beer.

Take A Look At This Hilarious Video Here!

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