Mom Thinks Her Dog Loves The Carrots, But Seconds Later, I Fell Down Laughing!

Broccoli, carrots, and other vegetables are the arch-enemy of children, especially if you believe the movies and TV. But you may think you’ve seen kids take some extreme measures before to not eat vegetables, but nothing will top this.

You may have seen a child pass the dog vegetables under the table, but here we can finally see what the dog has to say about all of these vegetables. The answer isn’t what you expect.┬áSo, after being fed some carrots under the table, the dog was confronted by some very upset parents wondering why he would have eaten the child’s food.

The guilty look on his face only got deeper though when they discovered what he was really hiding. His droopy jowls betrayed him and the offending carrot stick finally dropped out on to the floor. Beyond being a cohort in a dinner crime, the dog didn’t even like the cooking!


The carrot stick bounces away from dog, but his embarrassment is evident and isn’t going anywhere. If he could, he would be blushing so hard right now!

Take A Look At This Hilarious Video Here!

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