Most Adorable TV News Blooper The World Will Ever See!

TV news bloopers range from the outrageous, hilarious, and even to the awkwardly painful. Filmed for the enjoyment of all, such bloopers come back to haunt the newscasters for years to come!

A Springfield Missouri based weatherman made the news when he experienced his own adorable news blooper. His adorable little beagle had begged to come to work so the weatherman relented and took the adorable pup with him.

The puppy was so well behaved and the first day went without a hitch so John, the weatherman, probably thought ‘Hey, what could go wrong?’. Unfortunately for him, but fortunately for us, a typical weather broadcast had scattered cuteness all throughout.

The adorable beagle heard his owner’s voice and came racing over to play right in the middle of the broadcast. Clearly, the puppy doesn’t understand the meaning of work  or that they were live. And despite his small size he manages to cause quite a distraction. He jumps on his owner’s leg while holding a throw toy in his mouth begging for some play time!

Take A Look At This Hilarious Video Here!

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