President Obama Reads What People Say About Him on Twitter

I do love Jimmy Kimmel. I find his show to be very funny and entertaining, however I am not really a fan of a president participating in entertainment television. It is not very presidential. It reminds me of Bill Clinton playing saxophone on The Arsenio Hall Show. I understand why they do it – go where the ratings are and try to make themselves look more like an everyday person – but they aren’t! Obama, whether you like him or not is the president of the United States and he should start acting like it. I do not think being on a talk show is a very presidential move especially when the topics discussed are casual and not about leading our country.

That being said – I LOVE “MEAN TWEETS”… and the president reading the negative stuff people tweet about him is kind of hilarious! Have you ever seen the “Celebrities reading mean tweets” videos they share on Jimmy Kimmel? They are very funny and a ‘Must Watch’.

Are you a supporter of Obama? Or do you not like the man as president? Either way, you are going to get some enjoyment from listening to him read his mean tweets. Obviously, there are a lot of people that do not like Obama – but it is funny to see his reaction to what people tweet about him.

Watch Obama Read His Mean Tweets Here

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