Rescue Dog’s Hilarious Response When Owner Says Cheese!

Many dogs are trained to perform tricks while others create their own. This adorable rescue dog has several under his belt!

When it comes to getting his picture taken he rocks it! Not only can he sit patiently but also adds some dazzle to the photo. Amanda Robles originally posted a short video of Herbert’s trick on Facebook and the clip went viral with 12 million views and 500,000 views on Youtube, it’s not surprising seeing how adorable he is.

What is this trick that has gotten him so much publicity? Turns out this puppy has a stunning smile and isn’t afraid to show off his teeth.

Sitting on a checkered brown rug, the pup quickly responds to his foster mom’s request to say cheese.

His wide grin is causing not only Amanda to laugh uncontrollably, but many of this video’s viewers as well.

Herbert has no trouble posing for a photoshoot and is as photogenic as a dog can get. He sits and smiles brightly when he hears the word cheese. He doesn’t even wait to be asked twice to show off his pearly whites!

Take A Look – You Can’t Help But Laugh.
Watch The Full Video Here!


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