Super Noisy Cat Eats Corn Like There’s No Tomorrow!

They say it is best not to try to get between a cat and its food, and this video surely helps to show how much cat will cling to their meal!

This confused little kitty is found nibbling away on the strangest snack foods, and then wont let anyone take it away. This cat certainly is helping himself to a dinner he wasn’t invited to. Maybe the corn had gotten a little butter put on it, and that was what attracted the cat, or maybe this cat just loves the crunch of corn on the cob, because she is going to town on this corn.

This cat not only is chomping on the corn but letting  out the most self satisfied “yum” ever. The cat is so loud it draws in her family, who probably thought she was being attacked. When the family gets out to the table, however, there is no fight, except cat vs. food.

The best part of the video may be when they pan over to the cat’s sibling who is looking on with the most bewildered expression, looking both confused and embarrassed!

Take A Look At This Hilarious Video Here!

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